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    Don’t be shy, we’re here to help you. Share with us your problems or dreams and we’ll guide you to happiness. Whether you’re a large or small business, we value your trust. We are The CIRCLE of DESIGN, your creative support specialists.

  • Simple idea.

    We specialise in shaping your ideas into creative solutions through experience, originality, and most importantly, listening. We’re good listeners – helping us quickly understand your needs & goals, saving you time & money.

We believe a clear strategy and original design are essential when developing and sustaining a successful business.


Who we are


shaping your ideas - The Circle of Design
  • Shaping your ideas

    We are a small experienced creative design studio that enjoys collaborating closely with our clients so we can deliver original solutions that will enhance the message of your business. Need a new identity? A new direction? Or, to attract more customers? You can rely on us to do all these and more with our creativity, focus and simple project process.

  • We will provide:

    Project help & guidance (from start to finish)
    Friendly & collaborative (communication is key)
    A clear brief & bespoke strategy (drawn up together)
    Original concepts & design (by an experienced designer)
    Integrity & passion (delivering you the best solution)

  • A wide variety of creative services

    We are visual identity and type specialists. But, that’s not all. We revel in projects that cross into other areas of design such as advertising, editorial design, web and social media. We offer quality, affordable creative design with a first class support service for your business that’s one phone call away.

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