Business personality

How do your customers relate to you?

Your identity, logo, marque is the face of your business. What impression it gives to everyone who see it is a lot like a facial expression. We quickly read facial expressions and body language with people who we don’t know and make a first and lasting judgement. Sounds bad but its true. A study by Psychology Today highlighted that first impressions in a job interview are formed in less than 30 seconds. That’s how quickly its processed, digested and judged. Our appearance, body language and tone of voice are used to form an opinion. This is the same for your business.


Business personality illustration

Are you professional but approachable?
Trustworthy yet friendly?
Talking the same language as your customers?
(Please insert any characteristic you what your business to portray)


How is a logo like a face?
The shape, form, colour and presentation of a logo speaks to everyone, not just designers and the fashion conscious. It has characteristics (expressions) through a variety of styles i.e. boldness, delicateness, symbolism, hand-drawn nature which can all be interpreted by the viewer. And, just like a face, can be identifiable and instantly recognisable.

Trusting the face
The more times you communicate with someone, or something, the more you will begin to have a relationship with them/it and eventually form a trust. This is one of the most important reasons why every customer facing part of your business should carry your identity/logo i.e. business cards, website, signage, packaging, products.

Now, is your identity/logo representing your business with the personality and professionalism you want?

If the answer is no or not sure, get in touch and ensure your business doesn’t lose out in the first 30 seconds. Also, tell us what you think?

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